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Lund University Network for Dynamic Systems Theory and Ecological Psychology

The interdisciplinary LU Network for Dynamic Systems Theory and Ecological Psychology (LUNDSTEP) aims to make visible, promote, and develop the theoretical, methodological, analytical, and practical implementations of Dynamic Systems Theory and Ecological Psychology.

The network contains researchers, scholars, and students with interdisciplinarily varying interests, informed by principles from Dynamic Systems Theory and/or Ecological Psychology. There are no prerequisites to join in on the monthly meetings except curiosity about the meeting topic. Participation and “stupid questions” are encouraged in this space. There is also no given meeting structure as it will vary with the purpose of the meeting. They might take the form of a reading seminar where we will read a shorter article and discuss what ideas it sparked, speakers may be invited to give brief presentations followed by discussion, or perhaps you would like to get some feedback on something you are working on. Anyone is welcome to suggest topics and questions to be brought up during meetings. We are hoping that this network becomes an interdisciplinary focal point where the wider theoretical frameworks can guide research collaboration and support.

Are you interested in LUNDSTEP?

Our network is open to anyone, from any discipline and University, with an interest in Dynamic Systems Theory and/or Ecological Psychology. If you want to start receiving organizational emails (approximately once a month) or just visit one of our meetings, then please contact the network coordinator (Patric Nordbeck) for more information.

Network Coordinator