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Human resources


Calls for applications for positions at the department are based on a continuous analysis of the department’s duties, external research funding, and staff turnover. The calls are prepared by the management team, together with the relevant division and head of division. Vacancies are advertised via the University and its website, Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences, and the department website.

Work at Lund University

Staff days and lunch meetings

To strengthen communication and participation at the department, we regularly offer opportunities for all staff to meet. One half day in the spring and one half day in the autumn, as well as 1–2 days in August, are set aside for joint development activities. During the semesters we also offer approximately three lunch meetings where we provide current information and answer questions.

The recurring social activities are the spring lunch in June, dinner in connection with the staff day in August, and the Christmas lunch in December.

At 10:00 and 15:00 on weekdays, those who have the opportunity often get together for coffee in one of our break rooms.

Educational development work

Teaching and learning seminars aim to lead to exchanges of experiences concerning teaching development and learning. The Division for Higher Education Development (in Swedish now AHU) is responsible for the development of teaching and learning in higher education at the University.
Division for Higher Education Development – Lund University

Every study programme performs continuous and systematic quality assurance of education in relevant issues and in accordance with the priorities set by the faculty and department boards.

Introduction of new employees

General introductions of new employees take place every semester in both Swedish and English. The human resources administrator at the department informs about terms of employment concerning salary, working hours, types of leave, labour law etc. in connection with a new appointment.

New employees are shown around and introduced by the human resources administrator and the head of department. The head of department will also give an overall presentation of the department in connection with the start of a new appointment. This introduction is followed up after 2–3 months.

Staff Pages

The tool Primula Web can be used for many different matters concerning your employment, such as applying for annual leave, checking your salary, reporting secondary employment, and submitting a declaration of illness.

Lund University Staff Pages

The tool Primula Web can be used for many different matters concerning your employment, such as apply for annual leave, check your salary, report secondary employment, and submit a declaration of illness.

Primula Web

Duties plan

For each member of the teaching staff there is a duties plan that states all of their assignments with regard to teaching, research, professional development, etc.

You can log in to find your duties plan by using your social security number and password.

Duties plan (in Swedish)

All teaching staff is under the responsibility of a director of studies. The relevant director of studies is determined by the area in which you conduct most of your teaching. Ask the head of department or any of the directors of studies if you are unsure of your affiliation.

This means that you are to start by contacting ‘your’ director of studies to plan your teaching. The directors of studies will plan and regularly follow up on teaching with the help of the duties plans. The plans are thereby used as both a planning and a follow-up tool. They are also important for the documentation required for the department’s budget and forecasts.

As an employee, you also have an individual responsibility with regard to your duties plan:

  • Notify your director of studies in good time of any request you have with regard to possible changes to your teaching assignment
  • Notify your director of studies of any planned changes to your post that will affect the scope of your teaching assignment (e.g. increased or decreased research funding, redistributed research and professional development that affect the overall planning, plans for a leave of absence, teaching at other departments, external assignments, etc.). Note that general issues concerning the extent of the position and the work distribution must always be communicated to the head of department.
  • Stay up to date about your duties plan, cross-check with your own notes and discuss any inaccuracies with the director of studies. Notify our staff coordinator if you are unable to access your duties plan, so that you can receive a new login or a PDF with the plan.

Professional development plan

Every employee is to have a professional development plan that spans several years. Professional development is a central part of the staff appraisals, and with good forward planning it is possible to coordinate initiatives by the department, faculty, and LU as a whole.

Staff appraisals

The head of department and the assistant head of department conduct staff appraisals with each staff member once a year. If you would like to discuss your work situation or anything else, you are always welcome to contact either of them.

Meetings with the director of studies

If you would like to discuss specific issues pertaining to your duties as a lecturer or course director, please contact the relevant director of studies. If you find a need to discuss your duties plan in greater detail, it is appropriate to contact your director of studies before the staff appraisal with the head of department.

Salary appraisal

Once the salary negotiations on a central level have been completed, the head of department will offer salary appraisals with employees at the department. This usually takes place during the summer or autumn.

Recruitment of assistants and project group members

If you would like to recruit someone to work as an assistant or equivalent, you must communicate this to the head of department well in advance. This is important in order to prepare a possible workspace, LU access card, salary procedure, etc.

Forms for your employment

You can find forms for your employment on the LU Staff pages.

Staff forms – LU Staff pages

Manuals and templates

HR-webben – Lunds universitet (In Swedish)

Your employment

Do you have questions about your employment, please contact: 

Human resources coordinator
Hannah Stén
046-222 87 69
Room: P228 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM)

hannah [dot] sten [at] psy [dot] lu [dot] se