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PROGS’s Publications

  • Tellhed, U., Björklund, F., & Kallio Strand, K. (2023). Tech-savvy men and caring women: Middle school students’ gender stereotypes predict interest in tech-education. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research88, 307–325.
  • Björklund, F., Giese, L., & Tellhed, U. (2023). Pedagogisk verksamhet - ett verktyg för framtida kompetensförsörjning? Svenskt Vatten Utveckling SVU.
  • Tellhed, U., Björklund, F., Kallio Strand, K., & Schöttelndreier, K. (2023). “Programming Is Not That Hard!” When a Science Center Visit Increases Young Women’s Programming Ability Beliefs. Journal for STEM Education Research6(2), 252–274.
  • Tellhed, U., Björklund, F., & Kallio Strand, K. (2022). Sure I can code (But do I want to?). Why boys’ and girls’ programming beliefs differ and the effects of mandatory programming education. Computers in Human Behavior135
  • Tellhed, U., Sollvén, A., Tamas, A., & Hägerklint, E. (2022). Boosting Prosocial Career Aspirations : Loving-Kindness Meditation Relates to Higher Communal Career Goals in Youth. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology63(4), 334–345.
  • Tellhed, U. (2022). Könsskillnader i utbildningsval. Teori och empiri från den socialpsykologiska litteraturen. [Gender differences in educational choice. Theory and empirical work from the social psychological literature]. Göteborg: Jämställdhetsmyndigheten [Swedish Gender Equality Agency]
  • Giese, L., Tellhed, U., & Björklund, F. (2022). STEM by the Lake: Raising High School Women’s Engineering Self-Efficacy and Belongingness through an Educational Intervention about Water Issues and Careers. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology14(2), 207–231. Retrieved from
  • Tellhed, U., Bäckström, M., Björklund, F. (2018). The role of ability beliefs and agentic vs. communal career goals in adolescents first educational choice. What explains the degree of gender-balance? ​Journal of Vocational Behavior​, ​104​, 1–13.
  • Tellhed, U., Bäckström, M., & Björklund, F. (2017). Will I fit in and do well? The importance of social belongingness and self-efficacy for explaining gender differences in interest in STEM- and HEED-majors. Sex Roles, 77, 86–96.


For correspondence, please contact PROGS’s project Leader:

Associate Professor Una Tellhed
Una [dot] Tellhed [at] psy [dot] lu [dot] se (Una[dot]Tellhed[at]psy[dot]lu[dot]se)