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Project PI and Skåne Center

Elia Psouni, PI and head of the Skåne center (Lic. Psychol., Docent, chair of Division of Developmental Psychology, Lund University) has expertise in research on attachment development, family relationships and mental health; wide range of internationally established assessment methods, combining in-depth investigation with epidemiological survey techniques; formal training in project leadership; long standing experience of research supervision.


Västra Götaland Center

Elin Alfredsson, University of Gothenburg (PhD, Lic. psychol/GU, MBHV-psykolog), heads the Västra Götaland center, has extensive experience of longitudinal intervention studies, liaises with the Regional BMHV units and organizes information on site.


PhD students and Research Assistants

Laura Cox graduated from the University of Reading (UK) in 2019 with an integrated Master’s in Psychology and joined the project as a PhD student in February 2020. She has trained as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and Wellbeing and Performance Coach. She is particularly interested in parent mental health and the social context in which children develop.

Gizem Han graduated from the International Master's Programme in Psychology at Lund University in 2018 and joined the project as a PhD student in March 2020. Her research focus has been on cognitive biases associated with attachment insecurity. She is also particularly interested in emotion regulation associated with attachment styles, and how these impact adult attachment relationships.

Martina Andersson Søe graduated from the University of Copenhagen (DK) in 2016 with an Master’s in Psychology, and worked in the following as a preschool- and school psychologist and family therapist. Her main interests lie in the domain of attachment theory and particulary in the relational context in which children develop. She joined the project as a PhD student in September 2020, and will be working on the project of Evidence over Conviction: Preschool. 

Fabian Karlsson Ahlborg is student at the (Clinical) Psychology Program. He was previously research assistant in a large investigation concerning school-related stress, involving teachers, pupils, and their parents. He joined the project as research assistant in February 2020. 

Nellie Ahlfors and Josefin Wennerholm are graduating students at the (Clinical) Psychology Program at Lund University. They have experience of working with families and children, and have joined the project in the context of their Master's thesis.

Associated Staff

At Lund University, economist Camilla Rapp, HR-officer Hannah Stén and webmaster Caroline Flyjer provide valuable administrative support. Ulrika Oredsson provides media-support. All illustrations are made by Isabella Garwicz-Psouni.


Other collaborators

Elinor Schad (Lic. Psychologist, PhD, specialist in Pedagogic Psychology, Lund University) contributes with expertise on issues related to preschool, school and qualitative methods.

Lina Ponnert (Docent, Social work, Lund University) contributes interdisciplinary expertise on issues relating to the legal framework of different-form families, social support to families and child protection.

Juan Merlo (Professor, Social Epidemiology, Lund University) guides the large database merge and record linkage.

Our national consultant group consists of professors emeritus: Pia Risholm, Gunilla Bohlin and Anders Broberg

International consultants for the project:

Professor Pasco Fearon (UCL), with leading expertise on mechanisms of socioemotional development, and the social and biological processes involved in risk for psychopathology.

Professor Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), leading researcher in attachment and emotion regulation in parents and their children. 

Professor Carlo Schuengel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), studies family relationships and the development of mental health and resilience; and is currently heading a longitudinal pregnancy cohort study in the Netherlands.


For further information please contact:

Elia Psouni
Principal Investigator

Email: elia [dot] psouni [at] psy [dot] lu [dot] se

Telephone: +46 46 222 0503

Mobile: +46 733 142 876