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Writing a campus exam on your laptop

Instructions for campus exams
All the exams in the masterprogramme are done in Inspera on your laptop. We use Inspera to guarantee secure examination and to facilitate for the students and examinators.

The following is required to write exams digitally in Inspera:

•A personal fully-charged laptop that can be used for four hours, which you bring with you to the exam hall. We cannot guarantee that there will be access to electrical sockets. If you experience any problems, you will always have the option to continue on paper and we will combine the answers when carrying out the marking.

•To be able to connect to the University Wifi: Eduroam. Instructions for this are here: connections/wireless-internet

•Your studentID and password, for the internet access and to connect to Inspera.
This is how it works during the exam:

•Bring your laptop and find your assigned seat in the exam hall.

•To connect to the internet, log into Eduroam with your student ID.

•Go to Log in with your student ID.

•The invigilators will write the code for the exam on the board. You will then use the exam code to access the exam. The exam opens at the allocated time.

•If you are unable to start the digital exam within 10 minutes, you will have to go over to paper exam.Please note that the invigilators will not provide technical support.

•When you have completed the exam, you submit it.

Important: You are not allowed to have any screen-blocking features active during the exam. Note: The exam time will usually show 6h for a 4h exam. This is in order to facility the anonymity aspect for students with pedagogical support who will use the full 6h. Once the exam has been marked, you will see points for your questions, grades and any comments from the examiners at

If you are for some reason have not access to a laptop for the exam then you have to rapport this to the institution no later than the day before the exam. You can do this here: where you write your name, course and exam date. You will then have to write on paper instead. Also, if you cannot for any reason start Inspera then you will have to write on paper. All of your exams will be available in Inspera for 2 years. If you have any questions, please contact Stefan Persson: stefan [dot] persson [at] psy [dot] lu [dot] se