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(a) Phylogenesis and evolutionary studies

The paper “A unifying model of weaning in mammals reveals impact of carnivory on human development and evolution” (2012) received massive global attention in the media, not least in the internet. Various accounts of the findings were translated to a total of more than 20 languages and appeared in more than 1100 scientific & popular media websites within the first two weeks after the paper appear on-line. I was interviewed by Dagens Eko, P1 and several international journalists working for scientific magazines, newspapers and international science sites in the Internet. Later, in Oct 2012, interview by South Korean TV for popular science program that was sent Feb 2013, attracting a viewer public of about 5,000,000 people. Some examples of presentations of the work in the Internet:

"How Humans Grew Fruitful by Devouring Meat" at LiveScience

"Eating Meat Allowed Humans to Conquer Globe, Scientists Say" at History.Com

"Early human meat-eating led to early weaning and higher population growth" at Popular Archaeology

"Meat eating behind human's spreading over the globe" at Nanopatents and innovation

The paper “A unifying model for timing of walking onset in humans and other mammals” received global attention in the media, not least in the internet. Various accounts of the findings were translated to a total of more than 20 languages and appeared in more than 130 scientific and media websites within the first three weeks after the paper appear on-line. Some examples (see also below):

"Därför dröjer våra ungar med att gå" på Vetenskapsradion, SR

"All Mammals March to the Same Beat" at Science NOW

"Study Reveals Why Infants Can't Walk" at Live Science

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(b) Development and Mental Health / Barns Psykiska Hälsa

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(c) Development and Parenting

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