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The Department of Psychology only uses PCs. If you are a Mac user, you must bring your own VGA adapter. Contact our caretaker if you experience any technical problems.

Some lecture halls have red markings on the floor. Furniture and other items must NEVER be placed inside these markings – they are emergency exits and must always be clear in case of a need for evacuation.

Before leaving the room, the lecturer in charge must make sure that:

  • all chairs and tables are in order, and set for a lecture (not a seminar)
  • all windows are closed
  • all lights and all equipment have been switched off
  • the door is locked

After the last session of the day, all chairs are to be hung/stacked.

Some lecture halls have a so-called salto lock on their doors. This can be unlocked using your LU access card.

Access card -  LU card – LU Staff pages 

Information for guest lecturers

Via the link below you will find an information sheet that you can send to visiting lecturers.

Information guest lecturers (WORD)

Online course evaluation system

The department uses Sunet survey as its course evaluation programme. The caretaker and students at the department provide support in managing Sunet survey for freestanding courses, the study programmes in behavioural science and psychology, and the Master’s programme in psychology.

Sunet survey – LU Staff pages

Computer room

The department has a computer room, located in building P room 204, with 11 computers for students and 1 for teaching staff. Students and staff can log into these computers using their StiL or Lucat identity.

During class, you can also gain access using a joint login (username: PSY-P204, password: Undervisning-P204). The IT manager handles the opening of the joint login. Always notify the IT manager if you are late in booking a room.

The code to access the computer room changes at the start of each semester. Contact the IT manager, or caretaker to receive the code.

Programmes installed on the computers:

Datorrum (In Swedish)

There are also two faculty-wide computer labs for teaching, located in building G (Sociology building). In order to use these you must first be instructed on their technical equipment. Contact jenny [dot] Egidius [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se.


Laptops which can be reserved and used by teaching staff are located in the lockers in room 136, building P. Reservations are made via Outlook or Webmail. You will find instructions on how to reserve a laptop in LU box.

IT – LU box

It is crucial that you reserve the laptop before taking it. Otherwise it will affect your colleagues who may have been counting on using that computer.

Spare projectors

Two spare projectors are stored in room 136, building P, compartments 23 and 24 at the bottom.

Office supplies

Office supplies are available in room 136 in building P, and in the lockers on the 2nd floor of building O.

Booking of premises

Three people are in charge of the booking of premises at the department:

  • Programme administrator, Psychology programme (bookings for the MSc in Psychology and PhD programme)
  • Programme administrator, Freestanding courses, Behavioural Science programme, and the Master’s programme in Psychology
  • Programme administrator, Psychotherapy programme

Information about the booking of premises:

Booking premises

Timetabling and premises

There are specific instructions for study programmes in connection with the timetabling in April (for the autumn semester) and October (for the spring semester).

Technical equipment

The technical equipment available in each room:

Familiarise yourself with the technical equipment ahead of time so that you are able to do the things you have planned. Be aware that the equipment may vary from one room to another. Read the instruction manual available in each room. If you need help or have any questions, please contact our caretaker well in advance of your planned teaching session. If something is not working, please leave a note in the room, and report the malfunction to the caretaker. If the equipment is not working, call the numbers provided in the room.

Technical equipment in group rooms

All group rooms in the basement of building P, except room 042, are equipped with a desktop computer, connected to the internet and the TV in the room through HDMI. Log into these computers using your StiL or Lucat ID.

Programmes installed on the computers in the group rooms: 
Group rooms

In room 036-041 there is also recording equipment to record video and sound.


The department uses the University’s central emailing system. This is run by LDC which also provides user support. Email manuals and other support are available on the LDC website.
LDC support