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Master's student Janne Kalucza

Get active in the student life once you are here, is international Master’s student Janne Kalucza’s best advice to other international students who are planning or about to start their studies at the Department of Psychology.

Master student Janne Kaluzca



Janne Kalucza from Germany is one of many international Master’s students at the Department of Psychology. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology, a mix between business studies and organisational psychology, and for her Master’s degree she decided to put emphasis on the social and organisational side of her subject.

– I want to work in human resource development. I can see myself working as a trainer or coach in either a consulting company or in a big, international company. I would also like to do a PhD later, and maybe teach at a university.

This is not the first time Janne Kalucza is studying abroad.


– I did an Erasmus semester in Ireland during my Bachelor’s degree and I loved it. I realised that I wanted to study abroad again, so I compared different psychology Master’s programmes in Europe and decided to apply for Lund. I chose it because it gave me the opportunity to mix and match my subjects based on my interests, and now that I’m here I really enjoy the flexibility.

But that was not the only reason why Janne Kalucza picked Lund University.

– I had been on holiday in Sweden before and fell a bit in love with the country, so when I found a Master’s programme in Lund, it was an easy choice!

Application to the university was pretty straightforward, she says. She applied through University Admissions and got accepted. She started looking for a place to live immediately.

– Luckily I found a very nice studio apartment in the south of Lund through I came to Lund with my family in the beginning of August and we explored Skåne together before the welcome weeks for international students started. I like that Lund is not too big, which means you can basically bike everywhere. Since there is a lot to see in Skåne, Lund is also a very good starting point for city day trips to Malmö, Copenhagen, Ystad or Helsingborg, or to go on hiking trips like Kullaberg.

She continues:

– The two welcome weeks for international students also really helped to settle in and get to know a lot of people before the start of the semester.

Janne Kalucza is active in the association Lund’s International Master Society of Psychology (LISP), that organises different academic and social events for the students on the Master’s programme in psychology. She is also a board member in the social sciences students’ union where she works with educational matters.

– Get active in the student life once you are here! Lund has a great network of student unions and student nations, so there is always something happening somewhere and everyone will find something they are passionate about.

Janne Kalucza

Janne Kalucza

From: Germany

Studies: Social and organisational psychology