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Personality and social psychology

The multifaceted nature of the projects focusing on personality and/or social psychology reflects a long-standing history of personality research at Lund University. For many years the dynamics of unconscious motives and the micro process aspects of personality have been elucidated. Newer perspectives in the division have increasingly been considering biological underpinnings and connections with neuropsychology.

Acknowledging the importance of viewing personality within a social cognitive perspective, several projects in the division aim at understanding people’s emotional processes and attitudes, often investigating how stereotypes influence person perception and behaviour against in-groups and out-groups.

Other vital domains in the division are: creativity, studied in several projects; moral judgement; non-shared environment; as well as individual differences in social competence.

Many projects concern applied research, most often having health, medical or sports linkages. Importantly, knowledge about general personality constructs is also being furthered. Among these constructs are: anxiety, personality roots of hypnotisability and trait models.

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