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First semester

In the first semester you will be encouraged to advance your academic thinking and deepen your understanding of how knowledge is accquired and represented within psychology. The courses provide you with methodological skills required for independent reseach.

PSYP11 Theory and Practice of Science in Psychology, 15 credits, full-time, Autumn

In the first half of the course, you will get a thorough grounding in philosophical questions relevant for psychology, including the cognitive revolution, embodiment, social constructivism and ethics.

The second half comprises several whole day-labs where you will get hands-on experience with a broad range of research techniques, taught by experts in their fields. You will also be introduced to open science practices.

After the course, you will have clearer understanding of philosophical questions necessary for understanding psychological research, as well as experience of the practical aspects of the psychological researcher.

Course director: 

Åse Innes-Ker – Lund University Research Portal 


PSYP13 Advanced Scientific Methods in Psychology, 15 credits, full-time, Autumn

This is an advanced level course designed for those who already have some understanding of research methods and use of statistics in psychological research. 

The goal of the course is to provide insight into contemporary quantitative methods used in scientific studies of psychology. The course will provide a useful guide to the generation and interpretation of quantitative data.

The course will equip you with the technical skills and knowledge to develop and analyse your own research using contemporary scientific methods.


Course director: 

Geoff Patching – Lund University Research Portal 

Page Manager:

Former students

"During the course Theory and Practice of Science in Psychology, I got the opportunity to dig deeper into the fundamental philosophical principles behind modern social science.

The course in Advanced Scientific Methods in Psychology on the other hand allowed me to advance my understanding of methodological aspects.

Besides the opportunity to write and receive feedback on a research proposal of my choosing, the content of the courses continuously contributes to my current work as a PhD student, as I frequently employ the statistical methods and means of data screening I learned during the course work. 

For future students interested in taking the two courses, my main advice is to participate actively in the seminars, as many of the insights come from critically discussing literature with fellow students and lecturers. Dare to think critically, discuss concepts from various perspectives, and allow yourself to be curious during the course work."

– Kristoffer Holm, graduate from the programme in June 2014

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