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Forms of assessment

Examination requirements and forms of assessment vary from one course to another within the programme. Usually, a written examination is arranged at the end of each module, in an exam hall, and a few weeks later there is an opportunity for a re-sit.

At the end of August, there is a final chance to re-sit examinations, which means that all the courses that have been offered during the academic year are re-examined. On certain course components there are further chances to re-sit exams, such as ongoing oral or written examinations, i.e. students are assessed continuously during the course. Another form of examination is to write a dissertation. Take-home exams also occur.

Compulsory components

If a lecture, seminar, etc is specified as compulsory in the schedule, you must attend. Students who have been unable to participate due to circumstances such as accidents or sudden illness will be offered the opportunity to compensate for or retake compulsory components. This also applies to students who have had to be absent because of duties as an elected student representative.

Rules of written exams

Written exams begin and end precisely at the stated times. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late for the exam, you do not have the right to take part if anyone has left the examination hall. Valid identification must always be produced! For the first 60 minutes of exam time no one is allowed to leave the examination hall. This applies even if you intend to abandon the exam.

Exam results

You can view your results on the Student Portal. You find your written exam papers at the Examination Desk

Student Portal - Lund University

Registration for exams

IMPORTANT: You have to register for every written examination through the Student Portal. This includes ordinary examination, re-exams and the collection exams in august. Your exam will not be administrated if you are not registered for the examination, even if you show up and write the exam.
You register yourself in the Student Portal. Log in and click on “Ladok”. Under the relevant courses, you will find a button for registration for the different written examinations. The registration option disappears for that specific opportunity when you register for it. You can register for all written examinations immediately as soon as the course starts.  
Student Portal – Lund University
If any problem arises with your registration it is your responsibility to immediately contact stefan [dot] persson [at] psy [dot] lu [dot] se

Grading system

The student’s performance is assessed with reference to the learning outcomes of the course. The following grading system is used:

A                   Excellent

B                    Very Good

C                   Good

D                   Satisfactory

E                    Sufficient

U                   Fail

Lund University does not use GPA system.

Grading system (PDF)

Review of exam grading

A request for review of your exam grading must be submitted in writing.

Review of exam grading (PDF)

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