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Book a room

Local Committee

Please send your questions about the institution's premises to the local committee.

lokal [at]


Available in House O and House P.


The institution's classrooms are located on Eden, House M, House O, House P and House R.

Find available rooms

The institution has changed local booking program to Time Edit 3.5.3. If you want to look for available lecture rooms there is a list on the Faculty of Social Sciences website.

Local Booking at the Faculty of Social Sciences

NOTE that you should turn to this at the Department of Psychology that books for you! Contact your course administrator.

The views are automatically updated. (New booking is marked with a small red dot).


Page Manager:

Who can help me book a room?

Independent courses, BVP, masters:

sinnamon.varsamouli [at]

Psychotherapist programs and external incoming requests:

eva-lena.hansson [at]


Psychology Program and Research:

anita.lennerstedt [at]

Questions about technology and equipment

Mattias Kvist
Caretaker (Pass cards and keys)

046-222 77 62

mattias.kvist [at]

Lars Kindberg
Computer manager

046-222 91 30

lars.kindberg [at]





Department of Psychology
Box 213
SE-221 00 Lund

Phone: +46 46-222 00 00 (operator)

webb [at]