Courses in English

Free-standing courses on undergraduate and graduate level

Courses on undergraduate level

PSYE21 Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness and Parapsychology, 15 credits, part-time (Fall only)

Fall 20

PSYE21 Syllabus Fall20 (PDF)

PSYE21 Literature Fall20 (PDF)

PSYE21 Schedule Fall20

Fall 19

PSYE21 Syllabus HT19 (PDF)

PSYE21 Literature HT19 (PDF)

PSYE21 Schedule HT19

PSYD53 (former PSYD52) Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience, 30 credits, full-time

Spring 21

PSYD53 Syllabus Spring21 (PDF)

PSYD53 Literature VT21 (PDF)

PSYD53 Schedule VT21

Spring 20

PSYD52 Syllabus VT20 (PDF)

PSYD52 Literature VT20 (PDF)

PSYD52 Schedule VT20

Courses on advanced level

PSYP36 Work and Organisational Psychology I, 15 credits, full-time (Fall only)

Fall 20

PSYP36 Syllabus Fall20 (PDF)

PSYP36 Literature Fall20 (PDF)

PSYP36 Schedule Fall20

Fall 19

PSYP36 Syllabus Fall19 (PDF)

PSYP36 Literature Fall19 (PDF)

PSYP36 Schedule Fall19

PSYP56 Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience I, 15 credits, full-time (Fall only)

Fall 20

PSYP56 Syllabus Fall20 (PDF)

PSYP56 Literature Fall20 (PDF)

PSYP56 Schedule Fall20

Fall 19

PSYP56 Syllabus Fall19 (PDF)

PSYP56 Literature Fall19 (PDF)

PSYP56 Schedule Fall19

PSYP70 Advanced Research Methods in Abnormal Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 21

PSYP70 Syllabus VT21 (PDF)

PSYP70 Literature VT21 (PDF)

PSYP70 Schedule VT21

Spring 20

PSYP70 Syllabus VT20 (PDF)

PSYP70 Literature VT20 (PDF)

PSYP70 Schedule VT20

PSYP75 Advanced Personality Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 21

PSYP75 Syllabus VT21 (PDF)

PSYP75 Literature VT21 (PDF)

PSYP75 Schedule VT21

Spring 20

PSYP75 Syllabus VT20 (PDF)

PSYP75 Literature VT20 (PDF)

PSYP75 Schedule VT20

PSYP80 Advanced Developmental Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 21

PSYP80 Syllabus VT21 (PDF)

PSYP80 Literature VT21 (PDF)

PSYP80 Schedule VT21

Spring 20

PSYP80 Syllabus VT20 (PDF)

PSYP80 Literature VT20 (PDF)

PSYP80 Schedule VT20

PSYP85 Advanced Social Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 21

PSYP85 Syllabus VT21 (PDF)

PSYP85 Literature VT21 (PDF)

PSYP85 Schedule VT21

Spring 20

PSYP85 Syllabus VT20 (PDF)

PSYP85 Literature VT20 (PDF)

PSYP85 Schedule VT20