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Management Group

Tasks and responsibilities for the Management Group of the Master of Science Programme in Psychology  (MSPP)

The range of courses offered should continually be evaluated by the Graduate School Board of the Master of Science Programme in Psychology (GSB).


The GSB shall also

  • Meet three times per semester. Minutes are typed, reported to the graduate school board and to the board of the department of psychology, and are published on the webside of the department of psychology.
  • Work to develop and renew the range of courses offered, considering societal demands, demands of the labour market, the scientific development within the field of psychology and the interest of the students.
  • Work for alignment of content and level of difficulty of the different courses in order to form a coherent programme.
  • Work for the highest possible quality of all courses - as concerns content, education and pedagogy.
  • Review and propose course syllabi and course literature for new courses.
  • Actively promote the intercultural exchange between teachers and students in the programme.
  • Actively work to promote internationalisation of the education.
  • Participate in the development of policies and practices of educational and student issues.
  • Review and approve of minor changes to course syllabi and literature by appointment of the board of the Department of Psychology, Lund University.
  • Make decisions in other questions regarding education delegated to the GSB by the board of the department of Psychology, Lund University.


Members of the Management Group


9/2, 6/4, 30/5