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Suggested projects 2017

Learning in doctoral education (PDF)

Doctoral students’ learning is a new and expansive research area, both nationally and internationally. This project aims at studying doctoral students’ development of critical thinking, creativity, independence, and communication skills. The study is principally based on qualitative methodology.

Contact: Eva Brodin - Lund University Research Portal (New window)

Project for Doctoral Studies in States of Consciousness and Parapsychology (PDF) 

Under the umbrella of "States of consciousness and parapsychology" we study various areas related to alterations of consciousness and unusual experiences using a variety of methods, including neurophenomenological and mixed-methods approaches, with an emphasis on hypnosis, dissociation, related states, and also ostensible psi phenomena.

Contact: Etzel Cardeña - Lund University Research Portal (New window)


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