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Thesis inspiration

What do you want to write thesis about? Find inspiration here!

Personality and self-beliefs as predictors of primary and middle school performance (PDF)

Daiva Daukantaite – Lund University researchportal
Eva Hoff – Lund University research portal


States of Consciousness and Parapsychology

  • Anomalous experiences and their association to enhanced or decreased psychological function'
  • The neurophenomenology of spontaneous and induced states of consciousness with people varying in hypnotizability and dissociation.
  • Mind-wandering and related processes.
  • Dissociative processes and traits, including their relation to development and trauma.
  • The relation between hypnotizability, dissociation, alterations of consciousness, and performance in controlled psi experiments. I will not supervise a student who only wants to do research on psi.

Etzel Cardeña – Lund university research portal


Temporal dynamics of memory integration: Neurocognitive mechanisms and behavioural implications (PDF)

Inês Bramão– Lund university research portal
Mikael Johansson– Lund university research portal


The relationship between gaze behaviour and memory in real-world scenarios (PDF)


Roger Johansson – Lund university research portal
Mikael Johansson – Lund university research portal


Research in the area of child clinical psychology (PDF)

Research on conditions involving recurrent pelvic pain/discomfort and emotional distress in women (PDF)

Research to help improve outcomes in cognitive behavioral treatments for individuals with chronic pain (PDF)

Sean Perrin – Lund university research portal


Cognitive Enhancement by Auditive or Current Noise Stimulation in Inattentive People (txt)

Gender Differences in Relationship Power (txt)

Diagnoses of Mental Illnesses using Artificial Intelligence Based on Text Data (txt)

Statistically Measuring and Describing Psychological Constructs with Words, not Numbers (txt)


Sverker Sikström - Lunds universitets forskningsportal


Research to identify psychological processes at play when adolescents witness school bullying (PDF)

Research to investigate the emergence and effects of employees’ autonomous motivation when moving from individual work and rewards to team-based work (PDF)

Tomas Jungert – Lund university research portal

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