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Third semester

The third semester is designed to increase your understanding and knowledge of psychology by deepening your comprehension of theories and current research.

First half

  • PSYP56 Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience I, 15 credits, full-time

    This course provides deepened knowledge of core areas within cognitive neuroscience, such as memory, language, and executive functions and how these interact in everyday situations.

    We will also discuss methods within cognitive neuroscience. Our primary focus is enhanced understanding of normal function, but clinical examples are frequently used. The multidisciplinary nature of the subject is emphasized throughout the course. 

    Course director:
    Magnus Lindgren – Lund university research portal


  • PSYP36 Work and Organisational Psychology I, 15 credits, full-time

    Work-life is in constant transition. This full-time course aims to provide the student with the knowledge needed to comprehend the diverse and multifaceted work- and organizational problems and solutions that may arise in an uncertain and flexible work life.

    The course entails three sub-courses: Stress, Health, and Well-being in a Changing Work Life, Psychological Perspectives on Leadership, and Motivation and Achievement. The teaching consist of lectures, seminars, casework and exercises designed to implement theoretical knowledge into praxis. This course will help you to develop a transferable skill set that will be relevant for a range of occupations and research settings.

    Course director:
    Roger Persson – Lund University research portal


Second half

  • PSYP40 Empirical Work for Cognitive Neuroscience or Work and Organizational Psychology, 15 credits, full-time

    The course aims to facilitate in-depth knowledge about current theories and research results in the fields of cognitive neuroscience or work and organizational psychology. The course is also intended to provide knowledge about and training in advanced methods for data-collection, formulation and implementation of a project, systematic review or meta-analysis relevant to research in one of these fields.

    For work and organizational psychology, the course involves a selected practical project related to current theories in the field, which entails group work and the management of complex and vaguely formulated problems. For cognitive neuroscience, the course involves formulation of an empirically testable research question, design, and implementation of a scientific project, either by way of an empirical project or written research proposal.

    Course directors:
    Geoffrey Patching – Lund University research portal
    Tomas Jungert – Lund University research portal
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Former students

"I studied Work and Organizational Psychology as a specialized course during my second semester at Lund University. Through various seminars and presentations as part of the course (MSc. in Psychology, 120 credits), this course has added value to my present knowledge and education, which helped me in different aspects of life. For instance, I worked in a Japanese based Human Resource company in New Delhi. I also apprenticed in an NGO in New Delhi. 

Besides education, these skills are helping me to think critically and logically, work under stressful environments, organize information in a structured manner and present in an orderly fashion.

Currently, I am pursuing an additional course in “Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology” in New Delhi, India.

Coming to Lund (August 2015-2017), Sweden and studying at Lund University will forever remain a lifetime memorable experience for me.”

Devika Pal









– Devika Pal, graduate 2017 

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