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Student portrait – Montserrat Arnaiz

My experience in Advanced Developmental and Personality Psychology

Before coming to Lund, I had spent most of my adult life working, starting from when I finished my Bachelor’s up until my late twenties.

Personally, one of the most challenging things for me was becoming a student again, get back on track and re-learn how to think critically. During my studies at the advanced personality and developmental psychology course within the Master’s Programme in Psychology I acquired my already lost analytical ability, shaped my own writing style, and learned  how to judge an article and/or a research paper not only by its cover or first few words, but by its whole content.

This course gave me the necessary skills to create a whole thesis from scratch and know where to look for feasible and reliable information.


In relation to my work
Having worked for quite some years before Lund, I strongly believed a Masters could not teach me anything about how professional life works… spoiler alert…. I was wrong. The programme helped me to assertively look for jobs in Sweden and eventually find one in which I could apply my knowledge. Studying again showed me how problems could be solved by simple and concrete solutions. I currently work for Scania as a Global Mobility Coordinator.

Today I value very much the shared expertise and assistance of my teachers and classmates; additionally, the international environment gave me wonderful experiences through amazing people from all over the world who certainly made this an enriching and unique adventure.

I sincerely hope you have an amazing time studying this programme…. I know I did."


Montserrat Arnaiz

– Montserrat Arnaiz, graduate from the programme in June 2018


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