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Second semester

The second semester is designed to increase your understanding and knowledge of psychology by deepening your comprehension of theories and current research.

In the second semester you choose specialisations in the field of psychology, by selecting three out of five advanced theoretical courses.

Three of following courses (total 22.5 credits)

a) Advanced Social Psychology I, 7.5 credits

b) Advanced Personality Psychology, Normative and Deviational I, 7.5 credits

c) Advanced Developmental Psychology, Normative and Deviational I, 7.5 credits

d) Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience I, 7.5 credits

e) Advanced Work and Organisational Psychology I, 7.5 credits


In addition to these theoretical courses, you study the Specialised Topics course, where advanced research skills are trained in a selection of specific focus areas. 

Course: Specialised Topics, 7.5 credits 

Former students

"My experience in Advanced Developmental and Personality Psychology
Before coming to Lund, I had spent most of my adult life working, starting from when I finished my Bachelor’s up until my late twenties. Personally, one of the most challenging things for me was becoming a student again, get back on track and re-learn how to think critically. During my studies at the advanced personality and developmental psychology course within the Master’s Programme in Psychology I acquired my already lost analytical ability, shaped my own writing style, and learned  how to judge an article and/or a research paper not only by its cover or first few words, but by its whole content. This course gave me the necessary skills to create a whole thesis from scratch and know where to look for feasible and reliable information.

In relation to my work
Having worked for quite some years before Lund, I strongly believed a Masters could not teach me anything about how professional life works… spoiler alert…. I was wrong. The programme helped me to assertively look for jobs in Sweden and eventually find one in which I could apply my knowledge. Studying again showed me how problems could be solved by simple and concrete solutions. I currently work for Scania as a Global Mobility Coordinator. Today I value very much the shared expertise and assistance of my teachers and classmates; additionally, the international environment gave me wonderful experiences through amazing people from all over the world who certainly made this an enriching and unique adventure.

I sincerely hope you have an amazing time studying this programme…. I know I did."


Montserrat Arnaiz

Montserrat Arnaiz, graduate from the programme in June 2018