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Second semester

The second semester is designed to increase your understanding and knowledge of psychology by deepening your comprehension of theories and current research.

First half (Each student choose two out of the four courses  stated below)

PSYP70 Advanced Research Methods in Abnormal Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 22

PSYP70 Syllabus Spring22 (PDF)

Spring 21

PSYP70 Syllabus Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP70 Literature Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP70 Schedule Spring21

Spring 20

PSYP70 Syllabus Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP70 Literature Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP70 Schedule Spring20

PSYP75 Advanced Personality Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 22

PSYP75 Syllabus Spring22 (PDF)

Spring 21

PSYP75 Syllabus Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP75 Literature Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP75 schedule Spring21

Spring 20

PSYP75 Syllabus Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP75 Literature Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP75 schedule Spring20

PSYP80 Advanced Developmental Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 22

PSYP80 Syllabus Spring22 (PDF)

Spring 21

PSYP80 Syllabus Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP80 Literature Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP80 Schedule Spring21

Spring 20

PSYP80 Syllabus Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP80 Literature Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP80 Schedule Spring20

PSYP85 Advanced Social Psychology, 7,5 credits, part-time

Spring 22

PSYP85 Syllabus Spring22 (PDF)

Spring 21

PSYP85 Syllabus Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP85 Literature Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP85 Schedule Spring21

Spring 20

PSYP85 Syllabus Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP85 Literature Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP85 Schedule Spring20


Second half

PSYP90 Psychology: Empirical Work in Social, Developmental, Personality or Abnormal Psychology, 15 credits, full-time

Spring 22

PSYP90 Syllabus Spring22 (PDF)

Spring 21

PSYP90 Syllabus Spring21 (PDF)

PSYP90 Literature Spring21(PDF)

PSYP90 Schedule Spring21

Spring 20

PSYP90 Syllabus Spring20 (PDF)

PSYP90 Literature Spring20(PDF)

PSYP90 Schedule Spring20

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