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Meet our PhDs: Amanda Klysing

Amanda Klysing is one of five new PhD students at the Department of psychology. Find out what she´s up to for the next four years.

Amanda Klysing

"I conducted my Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in psychology at Lund University. Following the completion of the Master’s program I worked as a research assistant for a research project on gender-fair language where I also got the idea for my PhD project. My thesis will deal with the intersections of sexual orientation and gender in recruitment; investigating how language is used to construct a protypical employee and how this affects those who do not match said prototype."    


Name: Amanda Klysing

Age: 26

From: Öland, Sweden

Pets: none at the moment

Interests: politics, fantasy/sci-fi books and shows, figure skating, cooking

Idols: To be determined

Favourite place: A tie between my own couch and my parents’ massive garden on Öland

Best book I’ve read: Too hard to choose. Interested parties can contact me for a top ten list organized by genre

What I like the most: Diving into new research discussions and spending time with my family

Thoughts on being a PhD at the Department of psychology: So far I have enjoyed the opportunity to take on more responsibility for all the different steps involved in planning and conducting independent research while still benefiting from the guidance of experienced supervisors.


Don't miss out Amanda talking at the Kognitionsseminarim at Friday, October 19 at 12-13 in P124.

Amanda Klysing: "The intersections of sexual orientation and gender in recruitment/Intersektionen av sexuell läggning och kön i rekrytering” - Kalendariet