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Meet our PhDs: Benjamin Clareus

Benjamin Clareus is one of five new PhD students at the Department of psychology. Find out what he´s up to for the next four years.

Benjamin Clareus.

"I’m writing my thesis about the process of cessation of intentional, non-suicidal self-harm between adolescence to young adulthood. 

Specifically, I will study which factors predict cessation of self-harm, and current psychological well-being in young adults with adolescent but not current self-harm. I will use a quantitative and qualitative approach, where I look at both longitudinal and interview data.

My dissertation is part of a larger research project at the department of Psychology, called “Självkänsla och Livssituation hos unga vuxna” (which you can read more about here; I graduated from the Department’s international master’s program in early 2017, and has up until now worked as a research assistant within the same project." 


Name: Benjamin Claréus

Age: 25

From: Sweden

Pets: Two free-roam rabbits, Cookie and Tulle
Interests: Spending time with my spex group, video games, yoga, running, politics

Idols: Chelsea Manning, Dave Gahan

Favourite place: At home, underneath a blanket

Best book I’ve read: Night Chills by Dean Koontz

What I like the most: Unboxing new technology

Thoughts on being a PhD at the Department of psychology: I enjoy the freedom associated to PhD studies, where you are responsible (under guidance) to educate yourself and conduct your own research. Many researchers here are knowledgeable within my chosen field, which I appreciate.


Benjamin Clareus – Lund university research portal

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