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Sean Perrin, docent

Research Interests:

  • Maintaining (mediating) factors in child and adult anxiety and PTSD

  • Anxiety in children with Autism and ADHD

  • Improving Cognitive Behavioural Treatments for Anxiety PTSD

  • Childhood Obesity

  • Dissemination of Evidenced-Based Approaches to (Mental) Health


Sean Perrin is a native New Yorker (Brooklyn). He studied psychology at the State University of New York at Buffalo (BA) and Nova Southeastern University (MS, PhD). Following a one-year clinical residency at the National Center for PTSD (US Department of Veteran’s Affairs) he completed a two-year post-doctoral research fellowship at the Center for Child & Adolescent Anxiety Disorders in Florida.  In 1995 he took up a joint Lecturer/Clinical Psychologist post at the Institute of Psychiatry (King’s College London) and Maudsley Hospital in London where he led the post-graduate diploma course in CBT for children and adolescents, and a national and specialist NHS clinic for traumatized children and their families. Dr Perrin retains a part-time appointment at King’s College London where he is the Chair of the Board of Examiners for the newly established Children and Young Person’s Increased Access to Psychological Therapies Program (C&Y IAPT:  www.iapt.nhs.uk/cyp-iapt/).

Dr Perrin has also worked with various national and international organizations (UNICEF, Centre for Crisis Psychology-Norway, Children and War Foundation) to disseminate evidenced-based measures and treatments for traumatized individuals, particularly children. He is a scientific board member of the Children and War Foundation (www.childrenandwar.org) and co-chair of the Children and Trauma Taskforce for the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (https://www.estss.org/). He has been a featured expert on childhood trauma on both television and print media (CNN International, BBC World Service, ITV, Sky News, The Guardian).

Dr Perrin joined the Institutionen för Psykologi as a Universitetlektor in March of 2012.

Current Activities:

  • Principal Investigator: Phase 1 clinical trial of Cognitive Therapy for Generalized Anxiety in Youth (http://www.controlled-trials.com/ISRCTN50951795/) funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

  • Co-Investigator: Translating evidenced-based models into effective treatments for young people with complex comorbidity (emotional disorders, morbid obesity/Anorexia, Autism), NIHR-Mental Health Biomedical Research Centre and Dementia Unit at King’s College London (http://brc.slam.nhs.uk/our-research/clinical-disorders)

  • Advisor to the Region Skäne Phase 2/3 clinical trial Psychotherapy Outcome and Self-selection Effects in Panic Disorder (POSE; http://clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT01606592).

  • First supervisor for Ms Katarina Lundberg:  Contribution of intolerance of uncertainty, cognitive avoidance, negative problem orientation, positive beliefs about worry, anxiety sensitivity and mindfulness to the frequency of childhood worries in non-referred children and children with ADHD; Novel interventions for anxiety in children with ADHD

  • First supervisor for Ms Sophia Äkerblom:  Mediators identified in ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and their relationship to standard CBT treatment for chronic pain; ACT for non-responders to standard CBT for pain.

  • Second supervisor to Ms Linda Nordin: Effectiveness of multi-disciplinary treatment for adult torture survivors of torture; (mere) exposure to traumatic cues as a treatment for PTSD in torture survivors

  • Second supervisor to Ms Ingrid Tonning-Olsson: Longitudinal effects of paediatric brain tumours in a representative sample of childhood survivors

  • Associate editor - Cognitive Therapy and Research (http://www.springer.com/medicine/journal/10608)

  • Associate Editor - Trials




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