Master of Science programme in Psychology

The Master of Science programme in Psychology provides specialisation and breadth in the field of psychology. The aim of the programme is to provide you with a Master's degree firmly based in current research and offering broad career opportunities. You have the possibility of selecting courses specialising in different fields of Psychology within the programme. The language of instruction is English.

The programme comprises a total of 120 credits, including a Master's thesis of 30 credits. Upon completion of the programme a degree of Master of Science (two years) in Psychology is awarded.

Note that the programme is not leading to a licence as a clinical psychologist.

Admission Requirements, how to apply, tuition fees etc

All information about admission requirements, how to apply, information on tuition fees, scholarships etc, will be found on the Master of Science Programme in Psychology website on Lund Universities international page, se link below:

The Master of Science Programme in Psychology

Selection procedure

The applicant's estimated capacity to complete the programme is the primary criterion for selection. Students who fulfill the specific eligibilty requirements are selected on the basis of their previous study results, proficiency in English and Statement of Purpose.

The Statement of Purpose is a very important part of your application. It is your opportunity to tell us your reasons to apply for the programme, your expectations on the programme etc. Please fill in the form Statement of Purpose that you find in the menue to the right.

Send all supporting documents to University Admissions in Sweden at the address:

University Admissions in Sweden
FE 20102

839 87 Östersund


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Application opens on October 20th, apply before january 15!

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Supporting Documents

Programme director
Anna Kemdal Pho
Visting hours (Room 132): Tuesdays 9.30 – 11.00

Study Advisors
Ingela Petersson
Phone +46 46 222 80 91

Anna Hjalmers Mattsson
Phone +46 46 222 87 54



"The master program is quite new and it is wonderful to be able to give some input to the further development of the program. It has many great momentum already,"
- Caroline Adolfsson

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