Johan Bertlett, f. Jönsson

The employeeship concept – A holistic perspective of congruent leader-follower behaviors and the relationship to work climate

Johan Bertlett, f. Jönsson, Ph.D.
Stefan Jern, Associate Professor
Martin Bäckström, Professor
Marcus Arvidsson, Ph.D.
Roland Akselsson, Professor
Curt R Johansson, Professor emeritus

Within the scope of Bertlett’s Ph.D. program he studies leadership behavior, employeeship behavior and work climate. He has theorized about the employeeship concept, operationalized the concept and developed a model and tool to assess and analyze the relationship between leadership and employeeship behaviors (leader-follower relationships). The project is taking place at Stockholm-Arlanda airport.

Johan Bertlett has also educated, supervised and examined students taking courses in organizational psychology as well as students attending the psychologist program.


Your Employeeship Questionnaire 

The four links below takes you to ”Your Employeeship Questionnaire” (English full and short version) and “Ditt Medarbetarskap – en självbedömning” (Swedish full and short version). It is a research, analysis, and consulting tool used to assess expected employeeship behavior.

Full version with 32 situations or short version with 16 situations are described in the questionnaire. Each situation is followed by five answering alternatives that describe different behavioral strategies. The respondent circles the alternative that best describes his or hers expected behavior as an answer to the situation. With the questionnaire it is possible to describe the respondent’s most commonly used employeeship behavior strategy, as well as how well the respondent adapt its behavior dependent on the characteristics of the situation.

For research the questionnaire is free of charge. For commercial purpose it is placed with a fee. Kindly contact me for more information if interested. I can provide the documentation it takes to use the questionnaire and analyze the results.

Your Employeeship Questionnaire, Short version (PDF 70 kB, nytt fönster)

Your Employeeship Questionnaire, Full version (PDF 87 kB, nytt fönster)

Ditt Medarbetarskap, kort version (PDF 30 kB, nytt fönster)

Ditt Medarbetarskap, hel version (PDF 50 kB, nytt fönster)

This link takes you to the manual that describes the development of the questionnaire, how to administrate it, how to score and analyze data, as well as preliminary reliability and validation analyses.

Your Employeeship Questionnaire Manual (PDF 160 kB)




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