Erwin Apitzsch

Erwin Apitzsch är programdirektör för den internationella masterutbildningen i idrottsvetenskap, placerad på medicinska fakulteten.

Master´s Programme in Sport Sciences

Effectiveness of communication during time-outs in handball

Erwin Apitzsch, PhD, Associate Professor

The aim is to increase the effectiveness of the communication process between coach and athletes during time-outs in handball, with special regard to attentional styles, in order to improve the performance. The style of coaching may not be beneficial for all. Athletes have different attentional styles, and thus focus differently.

Motive for and spontaneous changes in physical activity

Erwin Apitzsch, PhD, Associate Professor

The aim of the study is to increase the knowledge on spontaneous changes in physical activity patterns in the general population. This is done in a longitudinal study identifying factors which are related to sustained, increased or decreased activity level, primarily self concept, mood, quality of life and subjective health.

Collective collapse in team sports

Erwin Apitzsch, PhD, Associate Professor

The aim is to delineate the occurrence of collective collapse in team sports, to identify indicators of collective collapse and to arrive at measures which can be applied to prevent it and actions to take if they occur.

Which intervention method is most effective in order to increase physical activity in adults?

Erwin Apitzsch, PhD, Associate Professor

The aim is to investigate how different interventions lead to increased physical activity in adults who are physically inactive, but who have the intention to become active. Which mediators affect the process and how effective are the interventions with regard to gender.


En blogg om fotbollspsykologi från sommarens VM. Rysk routlett ellre kyliga nerver? I ett fotbolls-VM är det ofta psykologiska faktorer som avgör.
I bloggen beskriver jag de mentala faktorerna som påverkar spelarna och lagen.




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