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Skolpsykolog, Malmö

Lärare i psykologi, Institutionen för psykologi, Lunds universitet från 1971 och pågående: Introduktion, utvecklingspsykologi, personlighetspsykologi, kvinnopsykologi, arbets- och organisationspsykologi, kvalitativa metoder, grund- och forskarutbildningsnivå, handledning av doktorander.

Prefekt från 2000 till och med 2005

Privat konsultation från och med 1987


Psykologiska aspekter av kunskaps- och kompetensutveckling: veridikalitet, originalitet, kontextualitet, professionalitet.


(De)Securitizing dialogical selves: Migration, multiculturalism ad the challenge of the global

Catarina Kinnvall, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science.
Jitka Lindén, Associate Professor,
Department of Psychology

We seek to contribute to the search for fruitful theoretical frames that allow for meaningful linkages between large social structural events and psychological phenomena. In particular, we are concerned with how to theoretically approach the relationship between globalization and migration on the one hand, and individuals’ subjective experience of security on the other. Special attention is given to the concept of dialogicality in the light of the challenges posed by an increasingly globalized world. How migration and multiculturalism are affecting the (de)securitization of dialogical selves, are discussed and the concept of cosmopolitics is introduced. Ontological, epistemological and methodological as well as practical consequences of such inquiries are considered.

Supervision of PhD students

Jitka Lindén, Associate Professor,
Department of Psychology

Narrative methodology is applied in order to illuminate various ethical issues in the process of supervision of doctoral students. Situations involving an increased risk of unethical supervisory behaviour are identified. The aim is to explore how supervisors could benefit from articulated ethical principles if their articulation and application is integrated into a continuing process of competence development in the field.

Mentoring relations are investigated in a project involving interviews with doctoral students, their supervisors and their mentors. The aim is to explore the consequences of working life to the context of higher education.



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Jitka Lindén
Professor, leg. psykolog
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