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Student society - LISP

Lund International Masters Society of Psychology

LISP is the student society for the Master of Science program in Psychology at Lund University. The goal is to provide master students with both academic and social support. LISP do this by organizing a variety of academic events, such as psychology lunches or write nights, and fun social activities like movie and game nights or sittings.

Most of all, they're try to create a supportive environment for students where people have the option to work together to meet their full potential.

Come and join LISP on their Facebook group @ LISP – Lund International masters Society of Psychology and visit the web site.

LISP @ Facebook

LISP Magazine - Wordpress

Page Manager:


Email address:
lisp.magazine [at]


Alice O'Donnell

Hollie Andrus

Jessica Bord

Social Events Coordinators
Meri Jankova
Elena Schw
Hannah Lettmann

Academic Events Coordinators
Dan Johnson
Oscar Haven
Agnes Wiberg

Social Media Coordinators
Oscar Haven
Montserrat Arnaiz

Fika Master
Katia Guerin

Montserrat Arnaiz

Linguistic Liaison
Anna Alexanderson

Department of Psychology
Box 213
SE-221 00 Lund

Phone: +46 46-222 00 00 (operator)

webb [at]