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Computer rooms

Students at the Department of Psychology have the opportunity to use the institution's computer room for dissertation, information retrieval, etc., when the room is not booked for teaching.
On this page you can see if the room is booked:
Lokalbokning – Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten

The room is in house P, room 204.

There are 12 computers in the computer room. The computers include Microsoft Office 2010, EndNote X7, IBM SPSS Statistics 24, MatLab R2012a, E-Prime, Sphinx 5.1 and MCA Minerva installed.
In addition, Wordfinder, SpellRight, Stava Rex and EasyReader are installed

For logon on the computers, use the STIL or Lucat login. The door of the computer hall can be obtained from the student expeditions or by Lars Kindberg or Mattias Kvist.
This code changes at each start of the term.

Other information about computer room, network, progam, etc. Given by Lars Kindberg.
Students are not entitled to use other computers within the expeditions or staff's services.
At the department there is also the possibility to connect their own computer to the university's central wireless network. For information about connecting your computer to this, see the LDC Wireless Network.

Wireless LAN on LDC

Page Manager:


Lars Kindberg
Computer manager

046-222 31 90

lars.kindberg [at]

Computer software

  • BrainVoyager Brain Tutor 2.5.0
  • Dolphin EasyReader 6.0.2
  • SPSS Statistics
  • SphinxSurvey
  • MatLabR2012a
  • Minerva
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
  • SpellRight 2.0.13
  • Stava Rex 1.1.1
  • Cortona 3D Viewer 7.0.188
  • E-Prime
  • E-Run
  • EndNote X7.4.0.8818
  • WordFinder Grammatik 3.0.2
  • WordFinder WordFinder 10.5
  • JAGS 3.2.0
  • R for Windows 2.15.1
  • Rstudio 0.97.318
  • WinBUGS 14

Department of Psychology
Box 213
SE-221 00 Lund

Phone: +46 46-222 00 00 (operator)

webb [at]